One male shot, one male stabbed at Willowbrook Mall on Black Friday

Posted Nov 24 2017 01:04PM PST

Video Posted Nov 24 2017 10:53PM PST

Updated Nov 24 2017 10:53PM PST

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - No one expected a Black Friday brawl between two men in the parking lot of Sears at Willowbrook Mall.

“Basically, it’s Black Friday, a lot of people shopping, a lot of activity,” said Houston Police Department Sergeant Richard Rodriguez.

While many shoppers were searching for a parking spot, one man was shot and the other was stabbed.

“When they’re looking for witnesses, no one seems to know anything,” said Sgt. Rodriguez.

One witness told police that she heard the two men arguing and hid behind a tree after one of the men fired a weapon.

Diana Salazar parked her truck outside Sears and watched as officers put up crime scene tape near her vehicle.

“I was afraid to get out of my truck, but I decided to get out of my truck to go into the store and check on my grandson because he works there,” said Salazar.

After two males fought in the parking lot of Willowbrook Mall in northwest Harris County on Friday, one stabbed the other and one shot the other. Both of them were taken by Life Flight medical helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital - Texas Medical Center.

“We don’t know if they know each other, we don’t know if they got into an argument inside the mall and they came out here, we don’t know any of that,” added Sgt. Rodriguez. He and his fellow officers are hoping that surveillance video may shed some light on the fight.

Both men were taken by Life Flight medical helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital - Texas Medical Center.

While the violence was just between these two men, police are reminding holiday shoppers to be on their guard.

“It’s all about situational awareness," said Rodriguez. "Know where you’re at and who's around you. People are out shopping and the criminals are out shopping for your stuff.”

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